Selling Online

For any merchant today it is important to offer their products or services online. E-commerce is still growing and the trend will continue according to analysts. There are many reasons for this: to make its products accessible 24 hours a day, ensure a larger distribution area for products, receive firm and paid orders, allow your customers to order their products and search for them in your store, offer a drive system ....

E-commerce has been a way for many merchants to maintain some activity during the health crisis of 2020.

Manage your business

Often the e-commerce activity comes in addition to an already existing commercial activity with its well-established processes and the constraints related to the business. The e-commerce activity must then fit perfectly into the management of your business:

    Have a single billing for the whole company
    Have stock management tools
    Ensure consistency of the customer and prospect base
    Allow to better organize the daily work of your teams; accounting, replenishment, shipping, returns

Dolibarr e-commerce management for Opencart

With Dolicart, the business management solution compatible with Opencart sites, you combine Opencart sales sites with a company management tool, the Dolibarr ERP / CRM. Test for yourself the functions of this management solution

Improve your e-commerce management with Dolibarr's ecommerce Management for Opencart sites...